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Captain Tim R. Carlile, PLS, President
Land Surveying and Site Development Courses, Community College of the Air Force & Valencia Community College

Other Certifications
HYPACK Certified Hydrographer
USACE Construction Quality Management (CQM)
OSHA 30 & 10-hour General Industry Training
CPR and First Aid (2015)
NAUI Advanced Scuba Diving certification
Hazwoper 24-hour Course
Captain's License – Master 100-ton, Operator of Unispected Vessels (6-pack)
SeaBat Multibeam Echosounder Certification

Professional Registrations
Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and US Virgin Islands
Tim Carlile is the President and founder of Land & Sea Surveying Concepts, Inc. He has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the surveying profession. He oversees the day to day operations of the field crews and office staff. He also performs the quality control review of the field work and all survey drawings. Mr. Carlile has worked his way through the ranks from an entry-level rodman to founding Land & Sea Surveying in 1992. On a daily basis, he continues to be an integral part of all projects, from working in the field to performing office calculations and drafting. Mr. Carlile and Land & Sea Surveying Concepts have provided surveying services under continuing services contracts to the Sebastian Inlet Tax District since 2004, the Canaveral Port Authority for 5 years, and partnered with engineering firms under the 45th Space Wing’s Technical Engineering and Spacelift Services contract for 15 years.

Mr. Carlile’s knowledge and professionalism was recognized as he was recently asked to guest lecture at Florida Institute of Technology. He taught several classes in the theory, methods, and standards of hydrographic and GPS surveying as well as the latest technology.

Mr. Carlile is an expert in the following software programs:
MicroStation V8i    HYPACK (thru version 2012)  Terramodel 4.10   HYSWEEP   PDS2000   Chesapeake Technology SWM   MAGLOG NT   MAG PICK   CORPSCON  Trimble TDS Survey Link

His experience extends beyond the traditional surveying to using ROV, USBL, and CTD equipment for environmental surveys and Single –beam, Multi-beam, Side Scan, Magnetometer, and Sub-bottom profiler for hydrographic surveys. He is also an experienced diver and has performed many dives for visual inspection of underwater conditions.

Mr. Carlile supervises all surveying activities and provides quality control for all Land & Sea Surveying projects.

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Suzanne Carlile, Office Manager
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Finance, University of Central Florida
Associate of Arts, Miami-Dade Community College

Open Water Scuba Diver
SeaBat Multibeam Echosounder Certification
CPR & First  Aid (2015)
Suzanne Carlile came to Land & Sea Surveying in 2004 with fourteen years of accounting experience. Her previous experience in banking, government and corporate accounting has provided a solid background for her role as Office Manager/ Accountant. As the Office Manager, Ms. Carlile’s responsibilities include all accounting functions, insurance policy administration, contract administration, researching and preparing proposals for all projects, scheduling of crews, and ensuring project deadlines are met.

Ms. Carlile also works as a field survey technician and CAD operator. She is proficient with the Ashtech/Magellan GPS survey systems and in operating both singlebeam and multibeam hydrographic survey systems. She is likewise knowledgeable on the following software for data collection, post-processing and drafting: 
MicroStation V8i
Terramodel 10.61
  HYPACK 2012

Shelley Kerasotis, CAD Manager
Master Scuba Diver
CPR & First Aid (2015)

Shelley Kerasotis came to work for Land & Sea Surveying Concepts in 1996. She learned drafting on the DOS-based version of Microstation and Terramodel. Over the past 18 years, she has acquired the skills and knowledge through on-the-job training and experience on progressive versions of the software to now be a CAD expert. She is also familiar with AutoCAD software.

Ms. Kerasotis is a part of every Land & Sea Surveying project. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, performing drafting and calculations for hydrographic surveys, beach profiles, dredge projects, groin and other erosion control device projects, topographic surveys, quantity calculations, construction layout, as-built surveys, beach renourishment projects, boundary surveys and underwater cable installation projects.

Ms. Kerasotis manages the production of all survey drawings for Land & Sea Surveying. 
Jose Montano, Senior Party Chief
Jose Montano has over 50 years of experience in the survey field and has grown with the surveying profession. With his in-depth knowledge of the mathematics and geometry of surveying, he is our resident expert on boundary surveying, construction layout and control surveys. Mr. Montano is directly responsible for the field management of the survey crew.  He is responsible for ensuring that he and his crews maintain the highest possible accuracy.  His many years of experience have provided him with the expertise necessary to be an extremely effective manager. Additionally, Mr. Montano works closely with Shelley Kerasotis, CAD Manager, to ensure the efficient and accurate delivery of field data to her department for calculations and drafting.


Scott Sharpe, Marine Instrumentation Specialist and Hydrographic Survey Specialist
Electronic Engineering Technology,  DeVry Institute of Technology

HYPACK Certified Hydrographer

Mr. Sharpe has over 25 years of experience in ocean engineering with significant accomplishments in COTS system integration, ocean current measurment tecniques, bathymetric survey systems development, sub-bottom profilers, buoy mooring design, ocean bottom seismometer systems, marine seismic data acquisition, navigation and marine surveying. He has been working with Land & Sea Surveying for 15 years and is an expert on all hydrographic equipment and data collection software.
Responsibilities include project management, data collection with single-beam, multi-beam, side scan sonar, magnetometer, and sub-bottom profile hydrographic systems, current meter preparation and data retrieval, tide gauges, USBL navigation, vibracore operations and Senior ROV pilot.

  • Significant experience in field operations and oceanographic instrumentation preparation having participated in over 125 oceanographic cruises. 
  • Marine survey experience in bathymetric single beam and multi-beam surveying, sediment mapping surveys, sediment sampling surveys, magnetometer, side-scan surveys, reservoir life and volumetric studies.
  • Project management, including multi-vessel geophysical, bathymetry, video, ROV, magnetic and sidescan surveys.
  • Multi-beam and single beam  data processing 
  • Designed the electronics for SDI product line of survey grade fathometers and sub-bottom acoustic profilers.  Project includes state of the art acoustic receivers and transmitter implementing advanced gain, filtering, and multi-frequency signal processing
  • Designed power management, command and control circuitry, graphical user interface for SDI product line of work class ROV
  • Development of portable DGPS/RTK bathymetric survey mapping systems
  • Security Clearance U.S Department of Defense , CAC Card

Kyle Neumuller, Survey Technician
Masters of Professional Science Degree
B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah

AAUS Scientific Diver
PADI Advanced Open Water
PADI Enriched Air Diver
DAN Emergency Management Provider
CPR & First Aid (2015)

Kyle Nuemuller is joining our team following completion of his masters program at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He is well experienced in operation of ROV, field data collection, and dive operation planning. He is also familiar with hydrographic and land surveying procedures and equipment, as well as ArcGIS and other CAD softwares.

He will be working primarily with Land & Sea Surveying's field crews in perfoming all types of surveying services, including the following;

  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Magnetometer surveys
  • Side scan sonar
  • ROV underwater site inspections
  • Topographic surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Construction services 

Michael Carlile, Survey Tech
Michael Carlile has been working with the Land & Sea survey team for several years now. He started during high school providing layout for the high school and local club soccer fields  where he gained experience using GPS survey systems. He also assisted with residential boundary surveys, learning to operate a TotalStation. Since then, he has worked on several different projects including topographic, submerged utility location, hydrographic surveys, construction layout, as-built surveys.  He has also been attending Eastern Florida State University taking coursed in AutoCAD and drafting.

Michael will continue working with Land & Sea Surveying while obtaining degrees in Geomatics at Sante Fe Community College and University of Florida.

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Douglas Abraham, Survey Technician
Associates in Applied Science in Marine Technology, Cape Fear Community College

NAUI Advanced Open Water,
NAUI Nitrox Diver,
NAUI Master Diver,
NAUI Dive Master,
NAUI AED, CPR, Emergency O2

Having completed his degree at Cape Fear in May 2017, Douglas recently joined the Land & Sea Surveying team. He has two years of experience in the design, set-up, implementation of network systems as well as the design, set-up, and execution of single beam, multibeam, sub-bottom, and side scan sonar surveys. He has worked on several research cruises aboard the R/V Cape Hatteras, R/V Martech, and several smaller vessels. Douglas is also a very experienced diver. While finishing up his degree, Douglas has spent weekends working with Land & Sea Surveying on hydrographic survey projects in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia as well as beach profiles at Sebastian Inlet.

He is quickly gaining experience in the land surveying side of the business and learning the operation of RTK GPS survey systems and conventional survey equipment.