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Hydrographic Survey Equipment

Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Hydrographic Surveying and Side Scan Sonar System

  • Depth range from 0.5 meters (1.65 feet) to 500 meters (1650 feet)
  • Transducer depth rate at 6000 meters (19,800 feet)
  • Frequency 200 and 400 kHz o    Swath coverage 140 °
  • Capability of collecting side scan data and snippets
  • Hemisphere A52 GNSS Antenna, Crescent Vs131, receiver, compass
  • Ashtech Proflex 500 network RTK GPS for horizontal and vertical positioning
  • High gain boosting cell phone antenna for greater RTK range

Applanix POS MV Oceanmaster GPS/Inertial navigation system
  • IP 68 IMU- no export restrictions
  • Measures heading, roll, pitch and all latitudes and dynamic conditions
  • Instantaneous reaquisition of RTK following GPS signal loss
  • Automatic initialization upon power up, following a one time calibration
  • Superior low elevation tracking perfomance reguardless of latitude
  • Marinestar capable
  • Low noise L1 and L2 carrier phase measurments
  • Maintains heading accuracy in a high multipath enviroment and in areas of poor GPS availability

Two Specialty Devices Hydrographic Survey Systems

  • Intelligent Depth Sounder that digitizes the echo to 16 bit resolution and stores the full digital record on hard disk
  • Sounding ranges to 200 meters with accuracy to one centimeter
  • DepthPro Software and Depthpic Software provide convenient replay and reprocessing of hydrographic data.
  • DGPS and DGPS Reference Subsystems— 24 channel receivers and RTK for sub-centimeter accuracy
  • Navigation Computer Subsystem— dedicated Intel Pentium Computer with HYPACK 2010 software for navigation and post-processing
  • RTK Driven Navigation with 200 kHz and 28 kHz transducers
  • Positions, events and operator annotations are exchanged between HYPACK and SDIDEPTH
  • Ashtech ProFlex 500 RTK GPS unit with antenna and receiver which feeds into the HYPACK software to provide horizontal and vertical positioning, eliminating the need for a tide station. The increased accuracy in using this system is most evident in areas of extreme tidal variations.

Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer

  • MagLog Lite™ software to log, display and print GPS positioned measurement results
  • Particularly well-suited for the detection and mapping of all sizes of ferrous objects, including anchors, chains, cables, pipelines, ballast stone and other scattered shipwreck debris, and any other object with magnetic expression
  • Uses Ashtech Proflex 500 Network RTK GPS for positioning

Subaqueous Pipeline/ Utility Cable Location Equipment

  • Shipboard receiver model 103
  • Together with its associated transmitter, this 1000’ (FSW) cable and pipeline detection system provides the capability for accurate location, tracking and surveying of both underground and underwater cables and pipelines, buried or not. This “Active” system senses and processes the presence of an AC signal injected into a cable or pipeline. The resultant electric and electro-magnetic fields are detected and used to provide cable and cable fault positioning data.
  • Locating accuracy is better than ± 6 inches.
  • The system can be assembled for deployment in a variety of different configurations, including ROV use.
  • Depending on applications, this system can be used from the surface to water depths of ~ 100 feet (30m) or submerged to water depths of ~ 700 feet (235m).

Submarine Cable Detector Model 101

  • The model 101 “Active” System senses the presence of an AC signal injected into the cable. The resultant electro-magnetic field is detected and used to provide pinpoint positioning data. The Model 101 Detector is the basic sensor. This device (with its transmitter)can be configured for hand-held operator use and can be used from a surface vessel or deployed with a diver.
  • Accurate locating (± 0.5 feet) and tracking of submarine cables, buried or not

Additonal Hydrographic Equipment

  • Odom Hydrographics Digibar Pro with 100-meter cable for speed of sound calibration
  • Ocean Technologies MK-II Buds AGA FF dive mask with Buddy Phone for wireless surface communication
  • Underwater surface tethered video system
Hydrographic Survey and Dive Vessels
"The Beast"

40-foot SeaArk survey and dive boat, powered by twin turbo-powered 450HP Detroit Diesel engines with air-cooled cabin, electric davit, 4-foot rear dive platform.

The SeaArk has all the capabilities to conduct all our hydrographic surveying services together with providing a platform for our clients to perform additional services:

  • Crew Boat

  • Scientific research

  • Field sample collection

  • Environmental Turbidity Testing

  • Diving crews

The SeaArk, with a 14-foot beam, spacious air-conditioned interior and open rear deck, offers support for all types of over-water operations.

"The Beast" is constructed of aluminum with a modified "V" hull. She has a 500-gallon fuel capacity and is propelled with 30-inch props. For navigation, we have a Furuno Radar and GPS with sonar depth sounder. Onboard safety equipment includes a 10-person Givens Life Raft, throw-rings, Type I Personal Floatation Devices, dry chemical fire extinguishers, flare kit, and fully-stocked first aid kit. The vessel also offers wireless internet connection for passengers.
20’ Monarch aluminum hull survey boat with rear hydraulic A-frame, side A-frame, rear dive platforms. Powered by 150hp Yamaha outboard engine
20’ Center console Mako with rear dive platforms. Powered with a 150hp Johnson outboard engine.
18’ Side Console Inshore Hydrographic Boat- heavy gauge aluminum, powered by a 40hp Johnson outboard engine
Land Surveying Equipment
GPS Survey Systems

    Utilizes cell phone and Bluetooth technology for communication and a network (eGPS) covering the Southeast United States for positioning.
    The reference stations replace the base and the cell phone technology allows the system to jump from station to station which means we can continue surveying without any distance limitations. 
    This system achieves sub-centimeter accuracies. In addition, the equipment is less cumbersome – lightweight with no cabling.
    We also have the use of GLONASS and SBAS satellites in addition to the US satellites which limits downtime from lack of satellite reception. For our client, this means that we can provide greater efficiency without losing        accuracy.
    Land & Sea Surveying utilizes the Ashtech/Magellan RTK GPS system for land-based surveying and in conjunction with our hydrographic survey system.

Spectra Precicion SP80 GNSS Reciever
       GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS.
       TX/RX 2 Mile Internal Radio
       Anti-Theft email alert
       Ashtech Z-Blade GNSS Technology
       All day Battery life
       Built-in GSM + Wifi Modems

Magellan ProMark 500 GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Unit
Built-in GPS Survey antenna, receiver, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS antennas
GNSS Solution RTK + L1 post processing
Unlimited RTK range
GLONASS Satellite option
MobileMapper CX Field Terminal

Ashtech ProFlex 500 GNSS receiver
Unlimited RTK range
GPS Survey Antenna and Bluetooth/GSM/GPRS antennas
MobileMapper CX Field Terminal

Four complete Novatel RTK/Static Systems with eight receivers
DAP 9800 for data collection

Total Stations and Data Collectors

Leica TC800 Total Station
Two Leica TC805 Total Stations
Theodolite T1000 Total Station with DI1000 Electric Distance Meter
Four HP48GX with data collection software
Nikon NPL322 Total Station
Ranger 3 XC with SurveyPro STD SW
Sceptor II Data Collector
Recon Data Collector


Pentax AFL-280 Level
Nikon AZ –2S Level
Wild N3 Tilting Level
Nikon AE-7 30X Autolevel
Terramodel 10.41      Microstation V8i      HYSWEEP      HYPACK      PDS2000 
Export capabilities for integration into AutoCAD and other drafting, design and GIS software
Survey Vehicles

Military-grade Polaris WV-850 all-terrain vehicle
Military-grade Polaris MV-7 all-terrain vehicle
Ford F-350 King Ranch Diesel four-wheel drive truck with crew cab
Ford F-250 King Ranch Diesel four-wheel drive truck with crew cab
Chevrolet Silverado four-wheel drive truck
Platform Swamp Buggy with 18.4 x 16.1 tractor tires
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Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski equipped with an SDI BathyCase BC-200 bathymetric survey system and an Ashtech Proflex 800 GNSS RTK GPS. The BathyCase and GPS receiver are mounted within the internal storage area for protection from sea conditions. A water-resistant monitor and waterproof bluetooth keyboard are mounted on the handle bars for access by the operator.

Onboard RTK is 20hz Glonass and US satellite capable,  with radio or GSM internet correction. Bathymetric system has pitch, roll and heave sensor, 200 kHz transducer, Hypack and  SDIdepth, software.

A second hand-pulled trailer with large tires makes launching on the beach or other limited access areas possible.
The barge has all the capabilities to conduct all our hydrographic surveying services together with providing a platform for our clients to perform additional services:

  • Crew Boat

  • Scientific research

  • Field sample collection and Vibracoring

  • Environmental Turbidity Testing

20’ Vibracore pontoon barge with hydraulic A-frame.
20’ multipurpose pontoon barge with rear hydraulic A-frame.
25' Full Cabin Safe Boat- starboard side helm powered with two 225hp Honda outboard engines.
Land & Sea Surveying remains at the forefront of surveying technology. The latest and greatest of our technology is the Teledyne Reson Seabat T50.  The Seabat T50 is designed for shallow water surveys.  Combined with the Portable Sonar Processor, the SeaBat T50 provides unprecedented survey data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.   The  T50 is designed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels.  The Portable Sonar Processor and sonar head form a compact system, securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements.  This equipment is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz, allowing for improved swath performance and reduced survey time under challenging conditions.  It is capable of bathymetry, snippets, side-scan and water column backscatter, compressed water column, normalized backscatter; 7K data format; Gbit Ethernet.  The T50 has a depth range from 0.5 meters to 450 meters with a swath angle of up to 140° .
DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Land & Sea Surveying now has a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, bringing Land & Sea Surveying's imaging to new heights.  Using aerial images and geo- referencing, Land & Sea Surveying is able to produce 3D images ergonomically. Land & Sea Surveying's new DJI Phantom 4 Pro's uprated camera shoots 4K/60fps at a bitrate of 100 Mbps and stills up to 20- megapixels, creating dramatically better images.
Reson SeaBat T50