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Land & Sea Surveying Concepts is a full-service land and hydrographic surveying firm providing multi-disciplined surveying services since 1992. Our expert staff has is experienced in providing conventional, hydrographic, and GPS (static and RTK) surveying. 

We are located on the central East coast of Florida, but have surveyed as far away as Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. Our crews and equipment can be mobilized to your site, no matter where it is. Our team prides itself on our attention to detail and customer service while providing accurate and efficient products.
Since our inception, we have completed thousands of surveys and worked for numerous private industry clients as well as many governmental entities including the Sebastian Inlet District, the Jupiter Inlet District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the St. Augustine Port, Waterway & Beach District, the Canaveral Port Authority, the City of Ft. Pierce, the City of Miami, and the City of Gulfport. The principal, Tim Carlile, holds Professional Surveyor licenses in five states (Florida, Geogia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas) and is a registered Land Surveyor in the US Virgin Islands. He holds a USCG 50-ton Captain's license with his ACSM Hydrographer certification pending.

Our experience covers, but is not limited to, upland and submerged land lease boundaries, topographic surveys, hydrographic, bathymetric, and as-built surveys. We are also experienced on remote operated vessels (ROV), Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) diver positioning and tracking systems, Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) sensors, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), wave meters and tide gauges. Land & Sea Surveying prides itself on its commitment to maintaning a complete knowledge of the practice of surveying and the new technology as it emerges and implementing this knowledge to provide the highest level of service to our clients. 

Land & Sea Surveying now uses a wireless and baseless RTK GPS surveying system for all GPS surveying applications, upland and onboard our hydrographic surveying vessels. The system uses reference stations all over the state of Florida as well as the Southeast United States. Having the RTK GPS tied to the hydrographic survey system provides vertical positioning as well as horizontal, to subcentimeter accuracies. This eliminates the need to rely on tide stations while providing a greater level of accuracy in areas of extreme tidal variations.
Above image of Land & Sea Surveying's 20-foot SeaArk taken with Sebastian Inlet Webcams
  • Incorporated in the State of Florida in December 1992

  • Registered Professional Surveying Firm since March 1993

  • Principal licensed as Professional Surveyor and Mapper since February 1993

  • Personnel experience totaling over 100 years

  • Meets Federal and State requirements for Small Business

  • Certified Small Business with South Florida Water Management District

  • Pre-qualified for FDOT Surveying & Mapping

  • Continuing Service contract with Sebastian Inlet District since 2004

  • Continuing Service contract with Port Canaveral since 2015

  • Registered vendor with William Gas Pipeline, Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline, City of Cocoa, Brevard County,  Broward County, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami, City of Ft. Pierce, City of St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Suwannee River Water Managment District, South Florida Water Management District, Florida Power & Light

Additional Project Experience
Sebastian Inlet, Tide Pool and Dredged Material Management Area - May 2011
In May 2011, we completed a project with the Sebastian Inlet District that consisted of maintenance dredging of the tide pool area and constructing a Dredged Material Management Area (DMMA). We have worked with the District from the beginning of this project establishing a lease parcel boundary of the proposed area and conducting a topographic survey with wetland and tree location for design of the DMMA. We provided construction staking for the installation of silt fencing, of the contours for dredging, for the construction of the DMMA berm and drainage structures, and location of the transformer pad. Final as-built surveys were completed for the tide pool area and the DMMA with all submittals being accepted by the permitting agencies.
Jupiter Inlet, Channel and Inlet Dredge Survey and South Beachside Fill - March 2011
Land & Sea completed this project in Jupiter for the Jupiter Inlet District. The project consisted of dredging the inlet channel and sand trap area and placing fill on the beach south of the inlet. This was a two phase project with Phase I completed in early 2010 and Phase II completed in March 2011. Land & Sea Surveying provided stake-out for the beach fill area as well as hydrographic surveys of the dredge areas. Surveys were completed for pre-construction conditions, interim and post-construction conditions with cross-sections and material quantities.
Gulf of Mexico - HYPACK Navigation and Environmental Sampling - Sept. 2010 -Nov. 2011
For 18 months, Land & Sea Surveying worked on a project in the Gulf of Mexico which involved using HYPACK to navigate 165 to 210 foot vessels. The project also involved collecting environmental samples, operating an ROV with HD video and soil sampling equipment, acquiring water column data with CTD Sensors, and mapping with single and multi-beam hydrographic systems.
St. Lucie Inlet, Martin County - USACE Project ICWW/OWW Maintenance Dredging
From November 2009 to March 2010, Land & Sea Surveying worked on the USACE project ICWW/OWW Maintenance Dredging, Cross-Roads, Martin County. We provided staking of the proposed dredge area as well as hydrographic surveys for pre-constuction conditions, interim surveys for completed sections, and as-built surveys with quantity calculations at each stage. Surveys were also performed of the spoil area.
Land & Sea Surveying worked with FIT students and professors to set up wave meters at the north side of Sebastian Inlet
Shoreside deployment of communication cable
FIT divers securing cable with Land & Sea Surveying vessel support from Mako
Land & Sea Surveying personnel assisting divers with wave meters
Land & Sea Surveying "The Beast" standing by for diver support
January & March, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying worked with Florida Institute of Technology on Coastal Engineering Projects using the SeaArk Survey/Research Vessel
Land & Sea Surveying provided a vessel and support for FIT students and professors on two projects recently.

The first project was the retreival of two acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP) that had been deployed off the coast of the Melbourne Beach to Sebastian.
Tim Carlile and crew assisting in pulling ADCP on to the rear dive platform of "The Beast"
FIT divers departing to retrieve ADCP instruments
February 2012: Hydrographic surveying projects in Tampa Bay area using Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam System with Side Scan and the new SeaArk Survey Vessel "The Beast"
Land & Sea Surveying was contracted to survey an area surrounding a pipeline exposure to search for any objects that may pose a hazard to anchoring of a barge for repairingthe exposure. We surveyed the area using the SeaBat 7125 for bathymetric and side scan data and the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer.
Land & Sea Surveying also performed a survey of a second pipeline in the Tampa Bay area to determine the depth of cover. In performing this survey we located the pipeline using the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer, then surveyed the area using the SeaBat 7125 multibeam to search for pipeline exposures and a SDI singlebeam 200kHz systems for bathymetry. To determine depth of cover, we utilized the SDI BSS+5 sub-bottom profiler system with 12, 50, and 200 kHz transducers.
March to May, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying collected images of wrecks off the coast at Cape Canaveral, Florida using Reson Seabat 7125 Multibeam System with PDS2000 software
"Dutch Wreck" -- Steamship Laertes

The Dutch steamship Laertes was built in 1919 by Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Company, Hong Kong. Owned by Nederland Stoomy, she was 423.9 feet long, had a 52.3 foot beam, displaced 5,825 tons and was pushed by a single screw triple expansion engine. The Laertes was powered by a 413 nhp triple expansion engine and had a top speed of 13.5 knots.

On May 3, 1942, the Laertes was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine. Some say it was the work of the U-564, while others claim it was the U-109. At the time she was on a voyage from New York to Bombay, with a 5,230 ton cargo of war supplies, including three aircraft, 17 tanks and 20 trucks. A total of 18 of her crew went down with her.

Today the Laerte's scattered wreckage sits in 72 feet of water eleven miles off Port Canaveral. This wreck is also locally known as the Dutch Wreck.
SS Leslie

The SS Leslie was built in 1919 in Duluth, Michigan, as the Lake Flagstaff. She later sailed under the names Stella Lykes and Josephine, before being renamed Leslie. She was 251 feet long, had a 44 foot beam and displaced 2,609 gross tons. The Leslie was owned by Worth Steamship Company of New York and was under the command of Captain Albert Ericksson. On April 12, 1942, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-123. At the time she was en route from Antilla, Cuba, to New York with a cargo of 3,300 tons of sugar. Out of a complement of 31 crew and one passenger, four of her crew were lost.

Today the Leslie wreck sits in 80 feet of water, 21 miles off Port Canaveral.
"Sub Wreck"

This artificial reef, while locally known as the "Sub Wreck", is actually old camera observation tower debris from the space center.
July 23, 2012: Submerged Cable Location in Elizabeth River, Portsmouth, Virginia for Level 3 Communications
Land & Sea Surveying located a submerged Level 3 fiber optic cable in the Elizabeth River with depth of burial. The horizontal position of the cable was marked and depth of burial was provided to avoid damage to the cable from construction.
July - August 2012: Summer 2012 Survey at Sebastian Inlet
Land & Sea Surveying performs a survey of the inlet with beach profiles to the north and south every six months. This summer the survey also included a post-dredge survey of the channel from the inlet to the Intracoastal Waterway.
The pictures below show images of the reef above surveyed with the Reson 7125 Multibeam Survey system. We collected the data using Reson's PDS2000 software. The data shown is approximately 17,000 feet long and 3,500 feet wide. The data was collected on a 2-foot cell grid and we were able to complete the survey with 1.5 days in the field and about 4 hours post-processing. From the data, we are able to produce geo-referenced TIFF or JPEG files (as shown below) and an ASCII file with accuracies to plus or minus 0.10 feet. We collected simultaneous 200kHz single beam data which was compared to the 400 kHz multibeam data with fantastic closures.

August 12, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying wins bid to Suwannee River Water Managment District to perform Multibeam Survey and 200 cross-sections along 94 miles of the Suwannee River!
Bridge over Suwannee River
Suwannee River from bow of boat
multibeam image of Suwannee River
Images along the Suwannee
Along the Suwannee
Suwanee River off stern of boat
Multibeam Image of logs and debris on the river bottom
multibeam image of debris on river bottom
August 10-13, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying performs surveys off southeast coast of Florida for reef and wreck debris location!
These pictures show a reef where allegedly a Spanish Galleon went down. The anomalies in areas of otherwise flat bottom could be debris from the ship.
August 10, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying performs inspection of busted water main in Indian River for City of Cocoa!

August 28-29, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying performs utility locates with Ground Penetrating Radar and Launch Complex 39B, Kennedy Space Center!
Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to find underground utilities
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August 30, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying provides boundary survey for UCF Townes Laser Institute to establish lease parcel boundary at Kennedy Space Center Innovative Science & Technology Experimental Facility

September- October 2012: Land & Sea Surveying performs hazard survey for pipeline exposures and inspection survey of 12 miles of gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico! Surveys performed using Multibeam, Singlebeam,Side Scan Sonar and Magnetometer on the 40-foot SeaArk "The Beast". Crews also conducted visual inspection capturing still pictures and video with divers and remote operated vehicle (ROV).
The Beast arrives in Mobile Bay
The Beast arrives in Mobile Bay!
Tim Carlile checking into NGS monument on east bastion at Fort Gaines.
Multibeam images taken with Reson SeaBat 7125
Launching the magnetometer
ROV with support computer system
(put curser on image to see computer)
Crew setting receiver for USBL mounted on ROV to obtain position data
Divers using AGA full-face mask with Buddy Phone for topside communication
Launching  exposed pipeline buoy
Mobile Bay Lighthouse
Heading home after successful completion of another project
The following are images of the multibeam data collected of the reef in the vicinity of the inlet
Survey drawing of the south side from the inlet south approximately 3 miles
In addition to the regular scope of bathymetry of the inlet and offshore areas with beach profiles 6 miles to the north and south, Land & Sea Surveying also surveyed the south shoreline of the inlet for damage caused by survey from Hurricane Sandy
December 2012 - February 2013: Land & Sea Surveying Completes the Winter Semi-Annual Survey at Sebastian Inlet, Florida.
December 26, 2012: Land & Sea Surveying completes emergency survey of the North Channel for dredging.
Land & Sea Surveying began working with the City of Ft. Pierce in October 2004 when we provided hydrographic surveys for the dredging of this same channel. That was immediatly following the hurricane season that brought 4 hurricanes to Florida and we had to work though a nearly demolished marina. Since then, we have surveyed the channel in 2006, 2007 and 2008 for clearance in addition to Moores Creek and the Marina basin for dredge projects in 2006 and 2007. We are also currently involved with a project to build a man-made barrier island in front of the marina to provide protection from future hurricanes.

February 20, 2013: Land & Sea Surveying Completes As-Built Survey of the Falcon 9 Hangar Annex at Tower 40, CCAFS for SpaceX!
Land & Sea Surveying began work on this project in 2011 providing a topographic survey with improvement location for design of the new annex. We also provided construction layout and allignment of the building support piles.

March 2013: Land & Sea Surveying completes surveying of 189 cross-sections with 94 miles of centerline and collection of multibeam data on the middle Suwannee River for the Suwannee River Water Management District.

March 2013: Land & Sea Surveying assists Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) students with retrieval of ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) in the Atlantic Ocean 15 miles off the coast of Sebastian Inlet in 90-foot of water
manta ray
manta ray
Land & Sea Surveying was able to pinpoint the location of the ADCP using the Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam system. We then placed FIT divers in the water to bouy the instrument and attach a line and lift bags for lifting it off the seafloor.
An additional diver comes to provide assistance with the retreival.
FIT divers prepare for second dive to dislodge ADCP from sand.
The Thunderforce attempts to lift the ADCP.

March 2013: Land & Sea Surveying surveys the Ocean Venus (AKA the "Lead Wreck") off coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The Ocean Venus "Lead Wreck", a British freighter, was sunk by a German U-boat on May 3rd 1942. It was later flattened for navigation purposes. The ship was known for its cargo of lead, though it held 9,450 tons of general cargo including 4,000 tons of lead, 4,000 tons of lumber, 80 tons of acetone and 1,000 tons of canned herrings. The ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-564 commanded by Reinhard Suhren. The Master, Captain John Park, 37 crew and 4 gunners landed at Cape Canaveral. Five crew were lost. Now mainly stripped of its cargo, the ship sits in approximately 80 feet of water out of Port Canaveral and is host to many different species of fish and marine life.

Ocean (British Liberty) Class Merchant
The ship was built by Permanente Metals Corp in Richmond, California for the British Ministry of War Transport and was one of sixty Ocean (British LIberty) class merchant ships. The ship's measurements were registered at 441.5 x 57 feet. Gross tonnage was 7,174 and deadweight was 10,500 tons. Speed was 11 knots.

April 2013:  Land & Sea Surveying surveys the Dorado Discovery for Odyssey Marine in Panama City, Panama. Tim Carlile, PLS surveyed the ship sensors and locations of the Reson 7150 dual frequency (12 & 24 kHz) multibeam transducer array, positioning sensors, USBL trans-sender, single beam transducer and the POS MV pitch, roll and heading values for set up in the multibeam acquisition software.
A Nikon Laser Theodolite situated below the drydocked vessel used to survey the Reson 7150 multibeam deepwater sonar
The gondola for the Reson 7150 newly installed on the Dorado Discovery
Land & Sea surveys the center pully of the Dorado Discovery A-frame to help position side scan sonar operations
The Nikon Laser Theodolite used to horizontally & vertically locate positioning antennas for the Dorado Discovery
Tim Carlile, PLS surveys in the POS MV IMU
Surveying the horizontal & vertical position of the ships USBL system and multibeam sensors
Redundant measurements taken with the Nikon Laser Theodolite of the ship's positioning antennas

May 10, 2013: Land & Sea Surveying performs survey of Port Canaveral using Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Hydrographic Survey System for research & development

May 12, 2013: Land & Sea Surveying assists Florida Institute of Technology students with locating and retreiving ADCP in 90-foot of water

May 2013: The images below are part of an ongoing project by Land & Sea to survey fishing and diving locations to be compiled in a book with images and location coordinates
June 2013: Additional data and images off shore Brevard County collected for fishing and diving guide book. Book will include images and precise coordinates for location.
Lead Wreck located at depth of 80 feet.
Reef balls located at 81-foot depth.
148-foot wreck located in 92 foot depth

July 2013: Land & Sea Surveying Completes the Summer Semi-Annual Survey at Sebastian Inlet, Florida.

July 2013: Land & Sea Surveying Completes Pre-dredge Survey for Florida Inland Navigational District (FIND) AICW Dredging Project at Ponce Inlet, Volusia County, Florida.
Towing Geometrics G882 Magnetometer behind the SeaArk with dredge in background
Tide Gauge set on project site
Pre-dredge surveys were completed using a 200 kHz single-beam fathometer, a Teledyne-RESON SeaBat 7125 multi-beam system and a Geometrics G882 magnetometer. The red contours were derived from the mag data. Where the mag hits are shown on the north side of the channel in this area, the multibeam images also showed what could possibly be a wreck and/or debris.
Close up of multibeam image showing

April to August 2013: Land & Sea Surveying works with SpaceX on modifications to Launch Complex 40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
Land & Sea Surveying began this project with topographic surveys for design completed in April. We are now working with the contractor to provide construction layout services and will perform the As-built Survey upon completion of the project.

July 2013: Land & Sea Surveying Performs Hydrographic Survey of 31 miles of the Withlacoochee River in North Florida for the Suwannee River Water Management District.

September 2013: Land & Sea Surveying completes pipeline inspection survey in Gulf of Mexico with high definition side scan sonar, multibeam survey, ROV and divers.
Multibeam images of pipeline
Side Scan Sonar images of pipeline
"The Beast" docked at Dauphin Island Marina
Edgetech 4125 600/1600 kHz Side Scan
with GoPRO camera monted on top
Video Ray Pro 3 ROV
with GoPRO camera monted on top
Tim Carlile< PLS with ROV & Side Scan
on back deck of "The Beast"
USBL receiver for diver & ROV tracking
Divers entering the water using AGA masks with communication between divers and  topside

November 2013: Land & Sea Surveying begins work on the Brevard County Beach Renourishment Project with Great Lakes Dredge & Dock
Surveying offshore beach profiles with Jet Ski Survey Vessel
Surveying near-shore beach profiles with Magellan RTK GPS survey system
Equipment operators spreading sand pumped on beach from off shore dredge

December 2013: Land & Sea Surveying begins semi-annual survey of Sebastian Inlet for Winter 2013/2014
Land & Sea Surveying used the new Jet Ski Survey Vessel on the Sebastian survey this winter. The Jet Ski streamlined the collection of data in the zone too shallow for a boat and too deep to walk.
The Jet Ski is equipped with a single beam hydrographic survey system tied to RTK GPS for positioning. A sealed computer beneath the hood is loaded with HYPACK for navigation and data collection.

December 2013: Land & Sea Surveying performed single-beam survey at Trout Creek Marina on the St. Johns River.

December 2013: Land & Sea performs a multibeam survey of the entire channel at Port Canaveral. 

December 2013: Land & Sea performs a multibeam survey of berth at Cruise Terminal 6, Port Canaveral.

January 2014: Land & Sea starts the New Year with a hazard survey  for the mitigation of two areas of exposed pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico. 
The exposures were discovered during an inspection survey completed by Land & Sea Surveying in September 2013.
First Exposure:

Bathymetric data combined with magnetometer hits on NOAA navigational chart background. Shows mag hits on two pipelines. Exposure is at the intersection of the pipes.

Image below shows same exposure taken with multibeam in September.
Launching the magnetometer off the R/V Gadwell, shown below.
Second Exposure

Left: Bathymetry overlaid on side scan imagery

Below: Multibeam imagery taken in September 2013

January 2014: Land & Sea Surveying designed and built the JetSki Survey Vessel, an integrated survey system installed on a jet ski and intended for shallow water survey applications inaccessible to larger survey craft. 
The Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski is equipped with an SDI BathyCase BC-200 bathymetric survey system and an Ashtech Proflex 800 GNSS RTK GPS.
A second trailer with large tires makes launching from the beach easier.

The BathyCase and GPS receiver are mounted within the internal storage area for protection from sea conditions. A water-resistant monitor and waterproof wireless keyboard are mounted on the handle bars for access by the operator.

February 2014: Land & Sea Surveying performs "Time Zero" and As-Built survey of storm protection islands in Indian River for Ft. Pierce City Marina.
February 2014: Land & Sea Surveying conducts a control survey locating previously set benchmarks at five different sites to establish the elevation referenced to a known vertical datum (NAVD 88) on all points
Land & Sea Surveying crews performed OPUS Static GPS sessions to establish an elevation at each of the sites, from there the elevation of the benchmarks was shot using conventional Total Stations or RTK GPS where satellites were visible.